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Powerful, Easy and Flexible Dashboard
a quick solution for building a powerful websites. Restful APIs available.

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SmartEnd CMS is a powerful admin dashboard with all the options you need to build any type of website with a perfect responsive Frontend & APIs. SmartEnd is an open source script, can be updated easily with good documentation and tips that will help you.

Powerful Control

Allow you to control every part of your website easily, manage contents, HTML5 editor, Style control and more.

Infinite Sections

Add different type of sections to your website as you need and control fields, text pages, photos, videos, audio..etc.

Roles & Permissions

One of the great features of SmartEnd is the ability to control how and what people can access on your site.

Analytics & Reports

You can view visitors reports By date, Country, City, Operating system, Browser, Reach way, Host name, Organization.

Contacts, Calendar & Inbox

You can build customers' lists. Record your appointments, tasks and notes. You will receive contact messages on inbox.

Webmaster & settings

Control all the website settings, activate or disable apps, manage language translation and more.

SEO Settings

Advanced SEO options available for every page that will help your website to be a friend of search engines.

Google Maps

You will have the ability to add multi google maps on every topic as you need and manage coordinates.

Restful API

Powerful, flexible and detailed API is available to help you building amazing apps and mange them from your dashboard.

Responsive Frontend

Responsive Bootstrap Flat Design, Two directions LTR and RTL, Ajax forms for contact, newsletter subscribe, comments..etc.

Languages Support

SmartEnd support Multi-Lnaguages. You can add languages as you want and manage translation easly.

Source Code

Open source code, clean, organized and documented.You will find tips and comments for different blocks of code that will help you.

What our customers say

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A details documentation that will help you understand all points and features available in SmartEnd, Languages support for developers and API docs.If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time.

ChangeLog What's new in Version 9.0.0
Version 9.0.0 (September 03, 2022)
- Update: To The latest Laravel v9.27.0 (Requires PHP >= 8.0).
- Feature: Add the ability to print datatable in dashboard
- Feature: Add the ability to export datatable to excel in dashboard
- Feature: add canonical feature to all site links
- Fix: Sending emails from draft issue.
- Fix: File manager links issue.
- Upgrade Guide:
What's new in Version 8.6.2
- Update: To Laravel v8.83.14 (Requires PHP >= 7.4).
- Feature: Change translation manager to a new great one.
- Feature: add 404 page for frontend in case of not found urls.
- Feature: Require strong passwords for new admin users.
- Fix: Showing validation error messages.
- Fix: A broken URL in frontend.
- Fix: Hide listing for /core sub folders.
- Fix: Local installation error for long mysql identifier.
- Fix: Local installation in case of no password for mysql root.
What's new in Version 8.6.1
- Update: To Laravel v8.83.7 (Requires PHP >= 7.4).
- Important: Fix Permissions for settings and webmaster if user not have right permission.
- Feature: Add preview and delete buttons on topic edit page.
- Feature: Ability to use a custom slug for contact page.
- Fix: Make backend path required on saving settings to avoid broken URLs.
- Fix: support "ul" and "ol" on frontend view.
What's new in Version 8.6.0
- Update: To the latest Laravel v8.79.0 (Requires PHP >= 7.4).
- Feature: Add the ability to create custom public forms.
- Feature: Add the ability to include a custom form to any page.
- Feature: Receive all public forms data in dashboard with email notification.
- Feature: Integrate CKEditor for editing the page details.
- Feature: Integrate TinyMCE for editing the page details.
- Feature: Add a new file manager and integrate it with CKEditor & TinyMCE.
- Feature: Improve loading and minimise quires.
- Feature: Change topics list ordering to be by date.
- Feature: If attach file is MP3 show Audio player instead of download link.
- Feature: Improvements for style & CSS.
- Feature: Add Big whatsapp bubble chat icon if enabled.
- Fix: Disable SEO tab on private data sections.
- Fix: Redirect admin user after insert if not have edit role.
- Fix: Hide Analytics widgets and pages if it is disabled.
- Upgrade Guide: